Review of Goethe's German language test

Review of Goethe's German language test

Familiarity with a country's language is the first step to migrating to or traveling there. Nowadays, the main reasons for people to go to another country are migration, further education, or employment. Additionally, one of the primary requirements for admission to prestigious universities in major countries is possessing a certificate in the country's prevalent language. To learn different languages, individuals go through various stages, and eventually, their proficiency and skills are assessed through different tests. In this article, we intend to talk about one of the world's important languages, German, and the test related to mastering this language. One of the most important common tests for obtaining a German language certificate is the Goethe exam. We will provide you with essential information about this exam, how it is conducted, its cost, and more. If you plan to learn and obtain a German language certificate, it is better to become fully acquainted with the Goethe German language test. So, stay with us until the end.

 What is the Goethe Exam?

Interestingly, Goethe is the name of one of Germany's beloved and famous poets. The Goethe German language exam is an international test aimed at promoting the German language in most countries around the world. As you know, German is not only the official language of Germany but also of other countries like Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and more. Therefore, knowing this language is essential for migration or even for leisure travel.

This exam is conducted by the Goethe Institute of Germany. To better define the Goethe German language test, it can be compared to the TOEFL and IELTS exams. This test professionally and specifically evaluates individuals' skills in various aspects of the German language and assesses their proficiency level. It can identify the candidates' strengths and weaknesses and gauge their German language knowledge.

By using the Goethe German language exam and the score obtained, the educational needs of candidates in different language skills can be identified, and efforts can be made to strengthen those areas. Those who manage to obtain the Goethe exam certificate will have an advantage over others in enrolling in prestigious universities in Germany and beyond.

 The Importance of the Goethe Exam for a German Visa

To migrate and continue living in Germany and other German-speaking countries, obtaining a visa is necessary. Providing a German language certificate is also mandatory for getting a visa. After completing various educational courses, individuals can participate in different exams such as the Telc and TestDaF. Among these, the Goethe German language test holds higher academic value and credibility.

 The Importance of the Goethe Exam for a German Visa

 Levels and Requirements of the Goethe Exam

Like all exams, the Goethe language test has different levels. Each of these levels indicates individuals' proficiency and skills in various aspects of the German language. Below, we will introduce the different levels of the Goethe German language exam and the required proficiency for each stage:

- Level A1: At this level, the individual is familiar with important and practical words in the language and has learned simple and conversational phrases. This very basic level ensures that the individual can communicate with others and handle daily conversations without any problems.

- Level A2: At the A2 level, the individual has gained a basic understanding of the German language and can use simple sentences for daily or slightly formal conversations. This level is typically for teenagers and adults. Those with an A2 certificate have acquired the necessary skills to understand basic concepts in German.

- Level B1: This level is for those who have a deeper understanding of the language and can discuss various topics in German continuously. This is the beginning of the intermediate level of German. Individuals at this level can talk about past events or even their plans and goals for the future.

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- Level B2: The final level of the intermediate course in the Goethe German language test. At this level, the individual can speak fluently and clearly in German and has a good grasp of more complex sentences. They can also express opinions on more specialized topics and participate in group discussions. Additionally, they are well-versed in the grammatical rules of the language.

- Level C1: The first advanced level of the Goethe German language test. Those at this level can speak German fluently without hesitation and can write complex texts with difficult grammatical structures.

- Level C2: The sixth level of the Goethe German language test. At this level, the individual has complete mastery of the German language and faces no issues in conversation or understanding words. Those who obtain the Goethe certificate at this level can speak as comfortably as native German speakers and easily write difficult and specialized texts.

Tips for Preparing for the Goethe Exam

Learning German to participate in and pass the Goethe exam is very different from ordinary language learning. Those who intend to take this exam need to learn specific test techniques. Alongside this skill, they must learn time management and be able to maintain high accuracy while answering the questions quickly during the Goethe language exam.

To achieve greater success, you need to prepare adequately for this exam. To prepare and gain sufficient proficiency in language skills, you can participate in practice exams conducted by various institutions. There are also many books and notes available for learning German, and by studying and reviewing them, you can select comprehensive and complete resources.

 Participating in the Goethe Exam

To participate in the Goethe German language exam, you first need to contact your desired university to find out the required certification and level. Some universities in Germany or other countries accept the Goethe language exam certificate at a specific level. Therefore, to gain admission to that university, you must obtain the Goethe German language exam certificate at the required level. Achieving the Goethe exam certificate at any level requires continuous effort. You can take intensive courses in a short period and study all the recommended resources.

 Registering for the Goethe Exam

To register for the Goethe German language exam, you need to visit the official exam website. After entering the website, you must choose your desired country or center and create your personal account. At this stage, the exam fee will be determined based on your selected level.

Individuals who can pay the Goethe German language exam fee in euros should enter their personal information on the website and pay the fee using their MasterCard or Visa card. It is essential to register for the exam at least one month before the exam date. 

However, individuals who cannot pay the fee in euros must register through institutions that handle this process. Many reputable institutions can easily pay the required fee for participating in the Goethe German language exam and will finalize and complete your registration.

 Registering for the Goethe Exam

Structure of the Goethe Exam Questions

The questions in the Goethe German language exam are structured and categorized based on specific principles. The structure of these questions is designed to assess four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading comprehension, and writing. Generally, 75% of the score you achieve in this exam is related to written questions, while 25% pertains to oral questions.

Writing, reading comprehension, and listening skills are evaluated through written questions in the Goethe exam. Each of these sections has its own timing, and participants must answer the questions within the allotted time. The writing questions are divided into two separate sections, and the listening and reading comprehension questions are divided into three sections.

However, speaking skills are assessed through oral questions. The oral exam questions are presented in three parts and conducted in group conversations. Additionally, 75 points are allocated to the written exam, and 25 points to the oral exam. To pass the Goethe German language exam, candidates must score at least 60 points.

Goethe Exam Fees

The cost of the Goethe German language exam varies depending on the level you are taking. For instance, the fee for the A1 level is 105 euros, and the fee for the A2 level is 125 euros. Therefore, when registering, you must specify which level of the Goethe exam you intend to take. The fee is standardized internationally, meaning it is the same for individuals in different countries. This fee must be paid in the official currency of Germany, the euro.

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Goethe Exam Fees

Goethe Exam Dates

The dates for the Goethe German language exam vary each year, and the frequency of the exam depends on the number of candidates. In some countries, such as Iran, the exam is conducted multiple times due to the high number of applicants seeking education or residency in Germany. The exam dates are announced on the official Goethe exam website.

It is noteworthy that the written and oral exams are held at different times. Typically, the written exam is conducted first, followed by the oral exam two weeks later. However, under special circumstances, both exams may be held on the same day.

Goethe Exam Centers

Goethe exam centers are crucial hubs for individuals aiming to assess their proficiency in the German language. These centers, primarily located in major cities worldwide, serve as official testing venues where candidates can take both the written and oral components of the exam. Overseen by the Goethe-Institut and often supported by the German Embassy, these centers ensure the integrity and standardization of the testing process. Candidates must register and appear at these designated centers to undertake the exam, emphasizing the centralized nature of the assessment process.

Goethe Exam Centers

 Goethe Exam Certification

As mentioned, the Goethe exam certification is more prestigious and academically valuable compared to other German language certifications. Individuals can take this exam for various purposes, such as education, employment, immigration, travel, and more. A significant advantage of this certification is the opportunity to study for free in Germany and other German-speaking countries, which explains the high number of applicants. Iran ranks fifth in terms of the number of participants in this exam.

 Scoring in the Goethe German Language Exam

As previously stated, the Goethe German language exam evaluates four main language skills separately. Each section is scored out of 100, and individuals receive a specific score based on their abilities. However, the minimum passing score in each section is 50. Naturally, a higher score in each section indicates greater proficiency in the German language.

Upon passing the exam, individuals are awarded the Goethe German language certificate. In addition to the numerical score, each section of the exam also has a qualitative score. Scores of 0 to 59 are considered failing. Scores of 60 to 69 are deemed satisfactory. Scores of 70 to 79 are considered satisfactory, and scores of 80 to 89 are rated as good.

A score of 90 to 100 is rated as very good. Individuals who achieve the required scores in each section will easily receive their desired certification. However, if someone does not achieve the required score, they must retake the exam. Interestingly, if an individual fails to achieve the required score in one section, the retest will be limited to that specific section.

Validity of the Goethe Exam Certificate

The Goethe exam certificate, like other language certifications, has a validity period and an expiration date. The certificate is valid for up to two years from the date of issuance. This means individuals can present this certificate to the desired university in Germany within two years. However, if you plan to reside in Germany or other countries, you can use the expired Goethe exam certificate to obtain a visa.

 Improving Your Score: Retaking the Goethe Exam

If you do not achieve a passing score after taking the exam, you should plan carefully for retaking the exam. It is advisable to identify your strengths and weaknesses in both written and oral sections based on your previous scores and work on improving your weaknesses. When registering for the Goethe German language exam, you are given two options regarding the format of the exam.

The Goethe exam can be taken in two formats. The first format is to take the exam in one day, and the second format is to take the exam over four consecutive days. Individuals who have previously failed the Goethe exam and intend to retake it are advised to choose the second format.


The Goethe German language exam is the most reputable international exam for assessing individuals' proficiency in the German language. This exam holds higher academic credibility than other German language exams and is accepted by all German-speaking organizations and universities. To succeed in this exam, you should regularly and consistently attend educational classes and study reliable resources. The Monarch website provides comprehensive information about educational classes.

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