The best city in Germany for nurses

The best city in Germany for nurses

In general, nursing is one of the most popular professions worldwide, with many individuals eager to work in this field. Germany is one of the best countries for medical and nursing activities, and due to a shortage of personnel in these jobs, it annually welcomes numerous doctors and nurses. Therefore, many individuals seek to choose the best city in Germany for nurses to achieve excellent wages and a high quality of life through job migration. It is important to know that the main criteria for selecting the best city include income level, quality of life, transportation, and more. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of working in Germany and some of the best cities for nurses.

Is Germany Suitable for Nurses?

As mentioned earlier, Germany is currently one of the most popular destinations for the work migration of nurses and doctors. There are numerous reasons why this country is ideal for working and living, including:

1.Shortage of Nurses: One significant reason for choosing Germany is the shortage of nurses. Germany has approximately 80,000 vacant nursing positions, which could potentially rise to 150,000.
2. Employment Opportunities: German hospitals are among the largest employers in the country, creating numerous job opportunities for foreign nurses and doctors. This increases the motivation for individuals to migrate to Germany for work.
3. Popular Migration Destination: Germany is known as one of the most popular countries for migration, particularly for healthcare professionals, making it an attractive destination.
4. Living in Europe: Working in nursing and medical fields provides the opportunity to live in the heart of Europe, along with receiving excellent salaries, benefits, and working conditions.
5. Direct Employment by Hospitals: Nurses in Germany are officially employed by hospitals, with their salaries paid directly by these institutions. Therefore, hospitals are the direct employers, and nurses do not interact with patients regarding employment matters.
6. Supportive Work Environment: Regulatory authorities in German hospitals continuously support their nursing staff, providing ideal working conditions. This enables nurses to offer higher quality and more satisfactory services.
7. Ausbildung (Professional Training): In German, "Ausbildung" refers to apprenticeship or professional training. Nursing education in Germany is known as "Ausbildung in Nursing." Due to the shortage of medical and nursing staff, Germany offers this training with special conditions.

Germany Suitable for Nurses

Introducing the Best German Cities for Nurses

As mentioned, nurses play a crucial and vital role in healthcare services in Germany, and there is a global demand for their recruitment. If you are interested in working in this field in Germany, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the best German cities for nurses. Here, we introduce some of the top cities in this regard:


Berlin, the capital of Germany, hosts many of the country's best hospitals. One of the largest university hospitals in Europe, with over 100 clinics and institutes and more than 15,000 employees, is located in this city. Berlin also boasts an excellent public transportation system, facilitating easy commuting for doctors and nurses. The salary range for a nurse in Berlin varies between €2,600 and €8,070.


Some people consider Munich the best city in Germany for nurses, as it is home to several world-class medical centers, such as the Klinikum at the University of Munich, one of Germany's advanced university hospitals. This hospital employs 10,000 staff members and provides excellent care to its patients. Besides this university hospital, Munich has several top-ranked medical centers. Due to its high quality of life, beautiful cultural sites with professional architecture, excellent healthcare, and advanced medical centers and hospitals, Munich is one of the most popular cities in Germany.


Another ideal city for nurses in Germany is Frankfurt, which features several top-notch medical centers, such as the University Hospital Frankfurt. If you are a nurse looking to choose the best city in Germany, you should consider adding Frankfurt to your list. This city offers world-class medical facilities and provides extensive healthcare services to individuals.



Among the reputable and well-known nursing schools in the city of Hamburg, Germany, are the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Hamburg is a port city in northern Germany, rich in cultural and artistic attractions. These factors, along with the high quality of life, have made this city the best city in Germany for nurses. The salaries for male and female nurses in this German city are equal, averaging around 4000 euros.


This city is also one of the cultural hubs in eastern Germany, and with its affordable costs, it ranks among the best cities in Germany for nurses. The cost of living in this German city is very reasonable, making it a suitable option for nursing and medical students interested in studying at Leipzig University and the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. The average salary for a nurse in Leipzig is around 23 euros per hour, with an average monthly salary and bonuses totaling approximately 786 euros.


This city is one of the most populous in western Germany, offering a high quality of life, cultural attractions, and reputable nursing schools such as the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cologne. With an average monthly salary of around 3630 euros for a nurse, Cologne has attracted the attention of many nurses and doctors.

Nurses' Work Migration to Germany

With the increase in job opportunities in the medical and nursing fields and the high demand from individuals seeking to work and engage in this country, the migration of nurses and doctors has seen a significant rise. Nowadays, nurses and doctors can apply for migration to Germany with a German work visa, which is valid for up to 6 months. All nurses with this visa are allowed to work up to 10 hours per week, and through internship programs in Germany, there is an opportunity for these individuals to be recruited by German healthcare centers.

According to the new migration laws to Germany, all nurses must have a German language certificate; otherwise, a visa will not be issued for them. After finding a suitable job, individuals must also take the necessary steps to obtain a long-term work visa from the destination country. Thus, it can be said that migration to Germany for nurses is possible with two main conditions: a nursing certificate and a language certificate. It is important to note that all foreign nurses can extend or make their stay permanent and live in Germany with their spouses and children for a long time, even for life, while being employed.

Nurses' Income in the Popular Country of Germany

As previously mentioned, due to the shortage of nursing staff in Germany, the demand for hiring and working in this field has been increasing. Consequently, salaries and wages have also been on the rise. Many healthcare centers in Germany, aiming to attract experienced and specialized nurses and doctors, have increased salaries and wages. Additionally, the aging population in Germany and the substantial need for healthcare have created numerous new job opportunities for nurses, making their career prospects brighter than before.

It is important to note that choosing the best city in Germany for nurses requires careful consideration of the average salaries in each mentioned city. Various factors influence the income of nurses in Germany, and a fixed amount cannot be determined. For instance, the region of residence, work experience, working hours, education level, gender, specialty, and skills are all factors that affect nurses' income. However, it can be said that nurses' salaries in Germany are around 3,500 euros per year. Individuals can aim to increase their earnings by gaining more work experience and higher education levels, considering the job market for this field in Germany.

Nurses' Income in the Popular Country of Germany


In this article, we aimed to familiarize you with the benefits of working and living in Germany and introduced some of the best cities in Germany for nurses. Now you know that Germany is a suitable and ideal country for those interested in studying and working in the field of medicine and nursing. With this information and considering your own goals and conditions, you can choose the best city in Germany for nurses and also seek guidance from specialized consultants in this field. For more information on other aspects, you can visit the Monarch website.

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