We will be with you throughout your journey
About us

We will be with you throughout your journey

Monarch's existential philosophy

Our mission is to introduce the best and most suitable job positions in the field of health and treatment to medical professionals around the world and send them to Germany.

Monarch’s Vision

Creating and expanding the communication network between job-seeking and talented professionals from all over the world with reliable employers, to develop and improve Germany's health and treatment environment.

Organizational Values

  • Introducing talented, professional, and expert employees to employers in Germany

  • Contract with committed and reliable German employers

  • Maintaining a long-term and strategic relationship with the employers of the contracting party

  • Expansion of the network of specialists in the field of staff therapy all over the world

  • Recruiting and training special forces in order to provide excellent services in the international field

  • Using digital and technological infrastructures to facilitate and accelerate the provision of services and inter-network communications


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