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    We will find the best job for you!

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We will be with you through out your journey.

We have a long term experience in consulting and obtaining employment contracts for you dear applicants and can ease the process for you by having a vast network connection with specialized hospitals and clinics in Germany. Thus, we can offer you top quality services with the least expected effort from your side.

If you are in search for a better job opportunity in a new work environment, Germany can be the best option for you. We will be with you through your immigration to Germany. 

We can help you find the best job opportunity!

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Our services

All our services are entirely free of charge for you. We get paid after medical centers, such as specialized hospitals and clinics, hire you. In addition, you get to choose between the positions we find for you.

Our services in your home country

1.Checking your conditions and consulting you about the required documents.
2.Set a timetable for preparing, translating, and verifying documents at the German embassy.
3.Arranging and sending out your documents and doing the administrative process to obtain the recognition (Anerkennung) for your documents
4.Arrange a meeting with German employers and prepare and practice with our clients before the final interview with employers
5.Obtain approval from the German Labor Office
6.Arranging an appointment at the German Embassy and prepare your documents for the interview
7.Pick-up visa
8.Finding suitable accommodation and purchasing a flight ticket to Germany

Our services in Germany

1. Make an appointment at the residence office, and we will help you register in the city.
2. Applying for conversion of initial visa to work visa.
3. Register for Insurance.
4. Guidance for the basic everyday life.
5. Make an appointment and guidance for opening a bank account
Refunding the fees
(after finishing the courses)
Refunding the language course fees
Refunding language exam fees
Refunding documents translation fees
Refunding document verification fees


If you are already working as a nurse in your country, and you are interested in immigrating to Germany, you should at least fulfil these three requirements:

  1. relevant university degree
  2. sufficient Knowledge of the German language (B2)
  3. at least two years of working experience in the relevant field

One of the common questions is whether I can bring my family with me to Germany. This issue may concern many of you, but fortunately the answer is YES. If you wish to bring your family to Germany, you can easily apply for a family reunion visa for your spouse and children (under the age of 18). Later on, your family can apply for a Residence Permit and the EU Blue Card in Germany, as well.

The candidate cannot rely on external assistance or expect the accommodation to be provided as part of the immigration process. Instead, they must take the initiative to find an appropriate residence in terms of size and suitability for their family's needs. This proactive approach is crucial for a successful and smooth transition to life in Germany with their family.

The basic German language levels are:

  • A: Basic user (A1, A2)
  • B: Independent user (B1, B2)
  • C: Proficient user (C1, C2)
  • You may have heard that you can apply for job and visa with A1 proficiency in German language, but in fact, if you want to run your daily life or deal with conversations in work environment, for example with your colleagues and employers, you need at least B2 level of proficiency in German language.

Monthly income for nurses could be different according to their work experience, education, their employers and their city.
On average, Registered Nurses (RN) earn between 2500 and 6000 euros. This salary is different during their practical courses, and it is about 1500 and 3000 euros monthly, but after the training courses this salary increases.

We explained nursing salary in an individual article, which can be found here Monthly salary

  1. immigrate through the Job Seeker Visa
  2. immigrate with a Work Permit Visa
  3. immigrate as an entrepreneur
  4. immigrate through a Student Visa
  5. immigrate through Family Sponsorship
  6. immigrate through applying for Ausbildung

But which path is the best for you depends on your personal circumstances such as your education, goals, age and financial status.

There is no age limit for work immigration to Germany, but preferably, people should act before the age of 40.
(If a person can present a language certificate before the age of 45, there will be no problem for immigration, otherwise the immigration conditions will be risky)

Ausbildung is actually internship courses in a form of Dual Vocational Training (DVT) where the apprentice attends a Vocational School or College and work at the same time, earning a regular income in the process. After completing the 3-year course, the person can easily enter the work market.

If you are wondering whether your university or college degree is valid in Germany, you can easily use the “Anabin" data base. If you have completed university studies already, you can find out how your certificate will be evaluated in Germany.

The short answer is yes, but for a start, you will require an official license (Approbation) in order to work in your profession in Germany. To obtain this license, your education and training must be recognised as an equivalent to the German education and training programme for doctors.

In general, Anerkennung means recognition, but, in this case, recognition means that a foreign professional qualification is legally equivalent to a German professional qualification.

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