The highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany

The highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany

The highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany are among the factors crucial for many individuals intending to migrate to Germany. However, before anything else, people should understand what vocational training exactly is and which fields it encompasses. Vocational training courses in Germany offer one of the best opportunities for individuals worldwide to acquire skills and earn a high income without needing specific university education, enabling them to work and earn a substantial income. In this article, we intend to discuss the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany and highlight its advantages. Stay with us.

The highest paying ausbildung in Germany: an overview

The highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany, known as Ausbildung, offer the opportunity to both study and learn a specific trade while earning a good salary. Germany offers apprenticeship programs lasting from 2 to about 3 and a half years, attracting motivated young individuals and training them in various fields. These lucrative apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity for those seeking migration to Germany, ensuring a well-paid job and a secure professional future. With Germany facing a shortage of young workers, the government has implemented various programs to attract skilled individuals from all over the world, including easy access to work visas, educational opportunities, and apprenticeships. In these high-earning Ausbildung programs, employers are required to pay apprentices monthly salaries to cover living expenses, which vary based on the volume of work and Germany's demand for the particular field. This has led some of these programs to be recognized as the highest-earning apprenticeships in Germany, garnering significant interest.

Income after completing the course

After completing the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany, participants in the highest-earning fields of Ausbildung in Germany can obtain a valid certificate from the college, university, or the company where they completed their apprenticeship. With the certification in hand, they can professionally enter their desired field of expertise and work in Germany. These certificates hold great credibility for finding relevant jobs in Germany, allowing recipients to easily secure employment in their field of choice. Furthermore, they can pursue further education at universities or higher education institutions in their field of study or related fields.

What is ausbildung?

In relation to the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany, you must first get to know the exact meaning of the word ausbildung or ausbildung in order to better understand these courses. Ausbildung is a German term that refers to vocational training or apprenticeship. It's a system of education focused on various professions where participants, including applicants from around the world, can learn a specific trade or profession, receive certification, and earn wages. Most Ausbildung programs in Germany are dual vocational training, combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge. It's renowned for being lucrative, offering diverse career options and good income prospects. Currently, over 150,000 applicants worldwide are enrolled in these programs, acquiring the necessary skills for their chosen professions.

What is ausbildung?

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Popular Ausbildung in Germany

The occupations and fields offered in Ausbildung programs often enjoy considerable popularity and have large followings. However, if we were to highlight the most popular and highest-earning Ausbildung fields in Germany for you, we would mention retail salesperson, office management assistant, automotive mechatronics technician, and nursing assistant Ausbildung. Among these, automotive mechatronics technician is the most popular among males. In this program, applicants choose one of the five main fields and attend training sessions. Body technology, motorcycle engine technology, rail vehicle technology, automotive technology, and more are among the most important subjects covered in this course. As an automotive mechatronics technician, you can test vehicle systems, perform specialized repairs, and equip vehicles with various accessories.

Earnings during the ausbildung period in Germany

As we mentioned before, people in the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany have salaries and income in addition to training the necessary skills. The monthly wages and salaries of these courses start from 600 gross euros per year in the first year of education and reach at least 900 gross euros by the third year of education. In some educational fields of these courses, an employer may pay even more than 1200 euros to his intern, although, as we mentioned before, the basis of salary is determined based on the amount of work. Of course, the amount of salary largely depends on the resume and skills of the intern as well as the employer. German employers usually try to support their interns in various ways, such as providing free local transport tickets, residence permit allowances, etc.

The minimum wage that is paid to apprentices for each hour of work in Germany's the highest-earning fields of vocational training is 10 euros. Taking into account the standard working time for each person, which is probably 40 hours per week, the salary and income reaches 1600 euros per month. This amount of income is very suitable for a standard life in Germany for a person who recently immigrated to Germany. Of course, the statistics and reports that have been obtained in the courses of the most profitable fields of Ausbildung in Germany, interns receive much more than the minimum salary that has been determined.

Earnings during the ausbildung period in Germany

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25 of the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany 

The list of highest-earning Ausbildung programs in Germany currently offers more than 330 job options for participants, covering various fields from healthcare to industrial and administrative professions, allowing them to acquire necessary skills and earn high incomes. There is no specific limit for participation in these programs, and applicants can choose from a wide range of fields. Due to high demand for labor in Germany, many of the professions mentioned are recognized as the highest-earning Ausbildung programs. Some of the highest-earning fields in Ausbildung programs in Germany include economics and management, law and public administration, mining, and engineering. Here are a few examples of the highest-earning Ausbildung programs in Germany to give you a better insight into the best, most popular, and highest-earning jobs in this field.

  • Areas of economics and management
  • Areas of law and government management
  • Areas of mining
  • Areas of engineering

Next, we'll mention some of the highest-paying fields of study in Germany for you to become more familiar with the best, most popular, and highest-paying jobs in this field.

Here is a list of the highest-paying Ausbildung programs in Germany:

1. Nursing

2. Police Officer

3. Administrative Clerk

4. Ship Mechanic

5. Social Security Clerk

6. Bricklaying

7. Air Traffic Control

8. Real Estate Consultant

9. Bank Clerk

10. Financial Investment and Insurance

11. Accounting

12. Teaching

13. Psychology

14. IT

15. Automotive Mechanic

16. Electrical Work

17. Hotel Management

18. Medical Assistant

19. Physiotherapy

20. Pilot Training

21. Culinary Arts

22. Management

23. Dentistry

24. Engineering

25. Office Secretary

Benefits of participating in Ausbildung in Germany

Ausbildung programs in Germany assist applicants in acquiring various vocational skills, as they do not require any specific educational qualifications. Individuals can pursue high-paying Ausbildung courses without needing specific prerequisites, enabling them to attain high incomes in their preferred career fields. Therefore, anyone worldwide can apply for these courses and easily find employment in their desired field.

As previously mentioned, one of the significant advantages of high-paying Ausbildung courses in Germany is the opportunity to earn income while learning skills. Apprentices receive excellent salaries from their employers during these courses, and upon completion, they become sought-after candidates by reputable companies, leading to significant increases in their incomes. Additionally, apprentices have access to excellent job opportunities, each offering significant advantages for working in Germany.

Another advantage of participating in high-paying Ausbildung courses in Germany is the favorable conditions provided by the German government. After completing these courses and living in Germany for several years, applicants from around the world can obtain permanent residency. In essence, German companies not only address their need for young talent through these programs but also provide excellent conditions for the lives of these individuals.

Benefits of participating in Ausbildung in Germany


In this article, we extensively discussed the highest-earning fields of vocational training and explained the courses available, along with the advantages they offer for individuals intending to migrate to the country. If you're among those planning to migrate to Germany but unsure where to start, we recommend reaching out to our consultants at Monak for comprehensive guidance. Additionally, for more information on migrating to Germany and high-earning Ausbildung programs, you can explore other sections of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a German Osbildung visa?

Anyone who has mastered the German language at level B2 and has a certificate of graduation, a training company contract, a valid health insurance and some money can participate in this course.

Is there an age limit for Osbilding in Germany?

There is no maximum age to participate in Germany's most lucrative Osbildung courses. Almost everyone of any age can apply for a German Osbildung visa. But usually, the minimum age to apply for a visa for this course is 18 years and the maximum age is 30 years. But in general, there is no specific age limit.

How much is the cost of participating in the Ausbildung course in Germany for Iranians?

Participating in the highest-earning fields of vocational training in Germany  does not cost anything, and most of the costs are related to obtaining an Ausbildung visa, translation and legal documents, and a fee for a lawyer.

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