Student dormitory in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide to Dormitories

Student dormitory in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide to Dormitories

One of the most important and fundamental concerns for students after arriving in Germany is the accommodation process. There are numerous options for student housing in Germany, and in this article, we will introduce and examine them. Student dormitories in Germany are one of the best ways for students to live in the country, and we will discuss the advantages of staying in a student dormitory in Germany later in the article.

Students who intend to study in Germany and are concerned about accommodation options can consider looking for a student dormitory in Germany. Student dormitories in Germany are a suitable choice for students who want to live in a secure and affordable place. If you want to become more familiar with the cost and conditions of student dormitories in Germany, read this article to the end.

Types of Student Housing in Germany

Student housing in Germany takes various forms, and one of them is student dormitories. Students planning to migrate to Germany for education can use different methods for accommodation and living in this country. Among the common methods of student housing in Germany are:

1. Student Dormitories in Germany

Student dormitories in Germany exist in both government and private forms, differing in the level of facilities, equipment, and costs.

2. Shared Apartments (WG)

Many students intending to travel and study in Germany choose shared apartments, and to stay in these places, they must find and reserve their preferred dormitory before traveling to Germany. By doing this, they can live in these shared student dormitories for one to two months after arriving in Germany.

3. Hostels

Students who have not been successful in finding and reserving suitable and low-cost accommodation in Germany can use hostels for their stay. Since renting and reserving hotels in Germany can be very expensive for international students, temporary accommodation in hostels can be considered as a suitable temporary solution.

Types of Student Housing in Germany

Introduction to Student Dormitories in Germany

As mentioned, residential halls or student dormitories in Germany are one of the most cost-effective options for students, with approximately 40% of all international students in Germany choosing this type of accommodation. Living in a student dormitory in Germany is a collective experience, where students reside together in a building. Some dormitories may have shared facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and communal toilets. One positive aspect of living in a German student dormitory is the opportunity for socializing and making new friends, as most residents are international students like yourself.

Student dormitories in Germany may vary slightly in different cities. The size of buildings and rooms, shared areas, and furnishings are among the main factors that create differences in these dormitories. Typically located near universities, German student dormitories are not only cost-effective but also convenient due to their proximity to academic institutions, reducing transportation costs. However, it's important to note that due to high demand for dormitory accommodation in Germany, finding one may pose some challenges.

Introduction to Shared Apartments in Germany

Shared apartments in Germany, also known as WGs (Wohngemeinschaften) or flatshares, refer to apartments rented to several students (e.g., 4 individuals) who live together collaboratively. In these apartments, each student has their own room, while the common areas like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen are shared. Since these apartments are shared, rent and utility costs are divided equally among the students. Shared apartments offer more privacy compared to student dormitories, providing an excellent opportunity to make friends and practice the German language. However, it's worth noting that these apartments may be located farther from universities, and renting in the city center may involve higher costs.

Facilities in German Student Dormitories

German student dormitories come with various facilities, usually varying based on rent, city, and the type of university. Private dormitories generally offer more amenities compared to public ones.

Common facilities in all German dormitories include a refrigerator and freezer, kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, kitchen, and internet and telephone connections. International applicants can also stay in private dormitories with larger rooms, along with their families.

Facilities in German Student Dormitories

Finding a Student Dormitory in Germany

There are various ways to find student accommodation in Germany, and below are some of them:

1. International University Offices and Notice Boards

Contacting the international office of the university or checking notice boards for advertisements is a practical way to find accommodation in Germany. Additionally, you can place your own ads on the educational institution's notice board.

2. Local Student Unions (Deutsches Studentenwerk)

Each city in Germany has its local student unions called Studentenwerk. These unions are usually responsible for handling accommodation requests. If you want to stay in German student dormitories, you should directly contact the local branch of Studentenwerk.

3. Websites and Online Platforms

Using online platforms and websites is one of the most common ways to find and reserve student accommodation in Germany. These online housing platforms list a wide range of apartments, allowing students to search for suitable ones based on their needs and preferences. Some platforms also support administrative tasks such as lease agreements. Some popular accommodation portals include Amber Student, UniPlaces, and Housing Anywhere.

Finding accommodation in Germany can be competitive due to high demand, so it's advisable to start your search early and explore multiple options to secure suitable housing.

Conditions of Student Dormitories in Germany

As mentioned, student dormitories in Germany, also known as Student Union Halls of Residence, are affordable and low-cost accommodation options available to all international students. According to statistics, around 10% of German students and 40% of international students utilize these dormitories.

It is worth noting that approximately 60% of students, including Iranian students, prefer living in private residences rather than student dormitories in Germany. Based on this, the German government is currently constructing dormitories for 45,000 students. Keep in mind that Iranian students need to receive admission from their desired university in Germany before reserving a dormitory.

Cost of Student Dormitories in Germany

Applicants for student dormitory accommodation in Germany must pay the dormitory fee. The cost of German student dormitories includes an initial deposit and monthly rent. By paying the deposit and rent, applicants can access services such as internet, water, electricity, and other dormitory amenities. The deposit is refunded to the applicant after an inspection by the dormitory rental company.

  • Applicants facing difficulties in paying the dormitory fee can opt to pay it in installments.
  • Applicants with insufficient financial means for the dormitory fee in Germany can seek assistance from insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies in Germany can provide significant help to applicants by covering part of the dormitory deposit. (What is student insurance in Germany and what are its types?)
  • The monthly cost of student dormitories in Germany is approximately 300 euros.
  • The cost of student living in Germany, excluding dormitory and housing costs, is around 900 euros per month.

Cost of Student Dormitories in Germany

Benefits of Residing in Student Dormitories in Germany

Applicants for educational migration to Germany enjoy numerous benefits by residing in student dormitories. Among the most important advantages of staying in dormitories are:

  • Free internet access
  • Free use of higher-grade student equipment
  • Improvement of German language skills through interaction with fellow students
  • Familiarity with the culture, language, and customs of other countries

Application Process for Student Dormitories in Germany

Iranian applicants, after receiving admission and obtaining a confirmation letter from their chosen university in Germany, can apply for student dormitories. The steps for applying for student dormitories in Germany are as follows:

  • Obtain admission to the desired program at a German university.
  • Receive confirmation from the chosen university in Germany.
  • Submit a dormitory application through the website of the Student Union in the city of the chosen university.
  • Receive a confirmation email requiring the submission of necessary documents.
  • Provide a deadline for presenting the confirmation of admission from the chosen university.
  • Submit the confirmation of admission.
  • Receive an email indicating the waiting period for dormitory allocation, which typically takes 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Receive an email with a dormitory offer from the preferred university.
  • Provide a deadline for paying the dormitory rent.

If you are among those planning to pursue educational migration to Germany and want to ensure your accommodation, searching for student dormitories in Germany can be a prudent step. Student dormitories in Germany are considered one of the best choices for students due to their proximity to universities and low accommodation costs.

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