migration readiness and important points that you should know before immigration!

migration readiness and important points that you should know before immigration!

Perhaps you have thought about migration at some point in your life and for various reasons, you have decided to migrate. If the decision to migrate is made with purpose and planning, it will certainly turn into a valuable journey and the start of a new high-quality life. But if you do not have migration readiness and hastily decide to migrate, you will likely face many problems. In this article, from Monarch, we intend to talk about the points you need to know before migration and tell you what preparations you need to make. Stay with us.

Make a serious decision.

The first thing to consider about migration readiness is a firm and confident decision. First, think carefully about why you want to migrate at all? What strong reason do you have for your migration? Do you want to migrate for better job opportunities, or for further studies? It is necessary to clearly define your position on migration along with details. For example, if your answer is that you intend to migrate for studies at very good and excellent universities, you must decide whether you want to return to your homeland after graduation or intend to stay in the same country? Does the country of origin not have good conditions for education, or does the destination country have a very high level of education? These are simple questions to ask yourself. Definitely make a serious decision before your migration starts, and never migrate with doubt and hesitation because in that case, you will face many problems in the future and it will cost you dearly.

Face the Stresses

One aspect of migration readiness is dealing with stresses. You should know that migrating may bring challenges and you may lose things you were once attached to. These may include:

1. Losing your current job. You might have worked hard to secure it. If you're attached to your job, think more about migration.

2. Not returning to your home and city. Leaving behind the home you've lived in for years can be one of the toughest things to prepare for. Being ready to live abroad involves facing such stress.

3. Having no friends. When migrating to a new country, you naturally have no friends at first, and making friends, especially non-native speakers, can be difficult. Being without someone to share your problems with may lead to feelings of emptiness and despair, but you must face it nonetheless.

Face the Stresses

What budget have you considered?

One of the most crucial aspects of migration readiness is determining the budget you intend to allocate for migration. You must answer this question honestly, and the figure you set for this budget should align with your financial reality and bank account. Is your goal for migration investment? Is your budget suitable for this purpose? If you cannot find a suitable job in the destination country, will this budget suffice until you find one? Have you considered living expenses abroad, including rent or home purchase, transportation costs, food, and clothing, and can you afford them? In addition to all these, you should allocate a specific budget for obtaining a work visa and residence permit, which is usually not a small amount. In fact, one of the most important steps in preparing for migration is determining the budget, and you should carefully and patiently examine this matter with great attention to detail and excellent auditing. 

Saving Money

One thing that is absolutely clear and imperative in migration readiness points is the dire need for money. No matter how much money you have set aside for migration, you still need to be thrifty. Because disaster never announces itself, and you never know what unexpected events lie ahead. Moreover, there's a high chance that the money you've set aside for migration might be spent in other ways. Keep in mind that to achieve a better life, you can't start by eating the best foods and meeting your needs in the best possible way because in that case, you'll incur more losses. We recommend being thrifty at first and saving your money. Sometimes it's better to put aside your lavish habits so that eventually, you can achieve a steady and good income. So, make sure to take economic and financial matters seriously for better preparedness for migration.

Saving Money

Country Selection 2023

Once you've defined your migration goal, it's time to choose your destination country based on the conditions and motivations you have for migration. For example, some countries are more in need of human resources for work, making them suitable choices for those seeking employment migration. Others boast prestigious universities where one can attain recognized qualifications and become skilled professionals. Some countries also offer ideal retirement and leisure options. Each land has its unique characteristics, and it's up to you, considering your goals and motivations, to select one and prepare for migration there. Additionally, consider other factors related to social and cultural readiness for migration:

- Financial compatibility with the chosen country.

- Alignment of the societal culture you'll be living in with the customs and traditions you've grown up with.

- Attention to the healthcare system of the intended country.

- Familiarity with tax rates and destination laws. (German tax)

- Educational status of the destination society.

- And more.

How to Choose the Right Country for Immigration?

The pertinent question arising now is how to choose the suitable country for immigration and prepare oneself for relocation there. To select a suitable country for immigration, we've outlined strategies to enhance immigrants' readiness:

Healthcare Considerations:

Gather comprehensive information about the healthcare system of the country you intend to immigrate to, to ensure your health remains uncompromised. Access to clean water and food, community health standards, pollution-free climate, etc., are primary necessities to consider.

Economic Status:

Consider the economic status of the country you plan to immigrate to. Lands in economic crisis and facing severe issues in this regard should not be chosen under any circumstances. Life in such countries is tough even for their own citizens, let alone someone seeking immigration. Before immigrating, be aware of taxation rates, economic status, inflation, etc., in the destination country, and assess if you can manage your expenses there or not.

Social Customs and Etiquette:

Prior to immigration, it's advisable to gather information about the customs and etiquette of the region and familiarize yourself with them. Try to choose a country that aligns with your beliefs and ideologies since the first thing that strikes in another country is the culture of its people.

Housing Costs:

Housing costs vary greatly in every country. You need to determine if you can afford to live in a place where the rent exceeds your income. Or if you intend to buy a house in your desired country, how much expense you have to incur.

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Employment Situation:

Immigration readiness isn't solely about capital and budget. Before taking any steps towards immigration to any country, consider its job market. After your education, you'll need to find employment. So, make sure to educate yourself about the employment situation in countries where you're interested in living.

Choosing a Good Advisor

Fortunately, there are many lawyers and consultants nationwide today who can provide you with the necessary information and skills for migration and guide you in this regard. If you are not familiar with the process and stages of leaving the country, as well as obtaining visas and residence permits, you can entrust your immigration affairs to a lawyer. The cost of consulting on immigration depends on the reputation and fame of the lawyer as well as the country you intend to migrate to. We recommend consulting with an experienced and skilled lawyer in this field from the beginning of the migration process so that administrative procedures and other stages can proceed more quickly and without any problems. Choosing a fair and skilled lawyer plays a very important role in preparing for your migration. We suggest using the experiences of migrants in the readiness process with a lawyer to make it easier for you to decide on this matter and choose the best lawyer and consultant for yourself.

Choose the Right Country for Immigration

Familiarity with Residency Conditions in the Destination Country

If you can choose an experienced and skilled lawyer for your immigration affairs, all your conditions will be examined by the lawyer. The lawyer can provide you with advice and guidance on preparing for migration and tell you whether the country you have chosen for migration is suitable for your current conditions or not. Since lawyers have a lot of experience, they can determine whether your idea of ​​the place you want to live in permanently is correct and consistent with reality or not. You can easily inquire about permanent residency conditions through your lawyer. If the desired country suits you, you can become familiar with the conditions and laws for obtaining residency, education, and work in the destination country. Note that residency conditions vary in each country, and do not forget this point in preparing for migration.

Choose Your Residence in Advance

One of the preventive measures on the path of migration is to determine your place of residence. Finding a place to live is one of the most exciting parts for migrants. When you find a place for yourself and consider it your home from now on, it can be really exciting and interesting, albeit worrying. You can search for a suitable home for yourself on Google Maps. Find restaurants, pharmacies, banks, supermarkets, etc., online on the map and plan for your days.

If you want to migrate with a work visa, your workplace can probably be the determining factor for your residence. If you are migrating for education, your educational institution probably offers housing options for international students that you can take advantage of.

Pay Attention to Transportation

Another point to consider when preparing for migration is transportation. When you want to choose your place of residence, you should consider the transportation routes and conditions in that area. You have to decide whether you want to live outside the city center and travel by private car or live in the city center and choose public transportation. Immediately after receiving residency outside the country, you can apply for an international driver's license to avoid any problems with driving.

Familiarity with the Language of the Destination Country

One of the things to consider when preparing for migration is the language of the destination country. You need to know what language the destination country wants you to speak. Can they speak your language or English? In any case, learning the language of any country you want to immigrate to is necessary; otherwise, living and communicating with others and meeting your basic needs will be difficult. Before taking any action for migration, try to review the legal or registration work that you must do before arriving in the destination country. Because you may be forced to sign contracts that you do not understand anything about. Of course, we recommend using translation services for the translation of important documents. The importance of personal education and readiness for the language of the destination country is very high, and you should take this matter seriously.

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Migration is a complex and important decision for everyone, requiring careful planning and thorough preparation. Individuals intending to migrate must familiarize themselves with the conditions and laws of the destination country. Each country has its own customs, culture, and laws, which cannot be overlooked. In this article, we have provided important tips for migration readiness. For further information on migration, you can explore the articles Monarch has provided on migration.

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