Top 10 best apprenticeships for women in Germany

Top 10 best apprenticeships for women in Germany

What are the most favorable apprenticeships for women in Germany? Discover the Top 10 best apprenticeships for women in Germany through our blog post. Our article identifies optimal choices for international candidates aspiring to embark on vocational training in Germany and develop into skilled professionals.

Top 10 apprenticeships tailored for women in Germany

With over 300 professions open for apprenticeships in Germany, our focus is not on the popularity among female applicants or sectors with high demand. Instead, we present apprenticeship occupations that consistently attract a significant number of young women each year. For female applicants from abroad, this serves as a valuable indicator of promising opportunities in Germany.

Highlighting the best apprenticeships for women doesn't imply any gender-based discrimination; rather, it reflects official statistics. Men are equally welcome to apply for any apprenticeship in Germany, and we have conducted a parallel analysis for male applicants from abroad.

 Our focus is on guiding international applicants seeking vocational training opportunities in Germany, showcasing occupations where a significant number of young women are consistently hired each year. This valuable insight into promising opportunities is based on official statistics, and it's important to note that promoting the best apprenticeships for women doesn't imply gender discrimination. Men are equally encouraged to apply for any apprenticeship in Germany, and a similar analysis has been conducted for male applicants from abroad.

Best apprenticeships for women: Questions and answers

Which are the best apprenticeships for women in Germany?

Determining the best apprenticeships for women in Germany can depend on individual preferences, skills, and career goals. However, some apprenticeships have historically attracted a higher number of female applicants. Some popular apprenticeships for women in Germany included:

1.Office Management Assistant (Bürokauffrau):Involves administrative and organizational tasks.

2. Retail Salesperson (Kauffrau im Einzelhandel): Focuses on sales and customer service in retail settings.

3. Health and Nursing Professions (Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin):Includes nursing roles within the healthcare sector.

4.Child Care Professions (Erzieherin):Involves working in childcare and educational settings.

5.Hotel and Hospitality Professions (Hotelfachfrau):Covers various roles in the hospitality industry.

6.Dental Assistant (Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte): Involves assisting dentists in clinical settings.

7.Social Services Assistant (Sozialassistentin):Provides support in social work and community services.

8.Hairdresser (Friseurin):Involves hair cutting, styling, and salon management.

9.Technical Product Designer (Technische Produktdesignerin):Focuses on designing technical products.

10.Media Designer (Mediengestalterin):Involves graphic and media design.

Which professions can I learn in Germany as a women?

Among the 350+ professions available in Germany, women have the opportunity to pursue any career without gender-based restrictions. There is no segregation between men and women in professions, allowing women to excel in diverse fields. Whether aspiring to become a hairdresser, driver, interior outfitter, salesperson, or even a construction builder, women in Germany have the freedom to choose and succeed in any profession of their choice.

Top 10 best apprenticeships for women in Germany: The ranks in detail

  • Based on statistical data, there is a consistent upward trend in female participation in IT apprenticeships. 

  • The percentage of women undertaking engineering apprenticeships has notably surged in recent years.

  •  The healthcare sector continues to attract a significant number of women, establishing itself as a favored industry for apprenticeships.

  •  In the automotive sector, there has been a gradual uptick in the enrollment of women in apprenticeship programs. 

  • Women are making strides in breaking through barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction and skilled trades.

  •  Furthermore, the renewable energy sector is witnessing an increasing demand for female participants in apprenticeships.

1st Place: Office Management Assistant

Annually, approximately 20,000 young women embark on training to become office management assistants in Germany. Commonly employed in companies, these professionals handle tasks such as booking travel, facilitating internal office processes, managing material purchases, processing invoices, composing and dispatching business letters, and overseeing incoming emails.

This field offers promising prospects for foreign female applicants, particularly those with proficiency in foreign languages and a strong command of German. Applicants from abroad with these skills can find excellent opportunities in this profession.

 Office Management Assistant

2nd place: Medical Assistants

While automotive mechatronics technicians claim the top spot among male trainees, and IT specialists secure the second position, medical assistants emerge as the second-most pursued profession among women. Upon completing their training, these young women often find employment in doctors' or dentists' offices, managing tasks such as reception duties or appointment scheduling.

Moreover, they contribute their skills in laboratories, hospitals, or day clinics across diverse areas of healthcare. Their responsibilities may include direct patient interaction, such as drawing blood, measuring blood pressure, or monitoring pulse rates. Annually, more than 15,000 young women embark on this training path in Germany.

3rd place: Retail saleswoman

Approximately 13,000 young women embark on vocational training as retail sales professionals in Germany annually. Typically, these professionals find employment in supermarkets or other retail outlets, often assuming roles as assistant managers or store managers. Notably, major supermarket chains consistently exhibit a substantial demand for retail sales professionals, ensuring promising career prospects. This trend also extends advantageous opportunities to female applicants from abroad.

Rank 4: Dental assistant

Enrolling approximately 12,000 new apprentices annually, pursuing a career as a dental assistant holds significant promise. Dental assistants play a crucial role in supporting dentists, handling administrative tasks, and assisting in patient care. The appeal of engaging employment opportunities within modern facilities, coupled with family-friendly working hours, further enhances the attractiveness of this profession.

Rank 5: Sales assistant

Sales assistants play a crucial role in facilitating sales across various platforms, including online, telephone, and face-to-face interactions with customers. Their responsibilities encompass order administration, managing deliveries, organizing warehouse stock, and ensuring the completeness, inventory, and expiration dates of goods. In the realm of online business, sales assistants address inquiries, handle complaints, and safeguard the inventory.

In brick-and-mortar retail, sales assistants engage in tasks such as stocking shelves, pricing, conducting regular quality checks, monitoring stock levels, and initiating reorders. The versatility of this profession is evident as sales assistants may also operate in mobile sales stands that traverse villages or set up temporarily in marketplaces.

Annually, approximately 11,000 female apprentices are welcomed in Germany to embark on the journey of becoming proficient sales assistants. This occupation spans various industries, including manufacturing, online retail, IT, services, tourism, and wholesale/retail establishments. Despite evolving trends in the German retail landscape, we affirm that pursuing an apprenticeship as a sales assistant remains a highly promising training opportunity for foreign women in Germany.

Sales assistant

Rank 6: Industrial clerk

Professionals in business administration, known as industrial clerks, play pivotal roles in diverse corporate settings, managing tasks in materials management, marketing, sales, human resources, and finance. Notably, there is a substantial allocation of approximately 10,000 positions annually for female trainees, creating favorable opportunities for international female applicants.

Companies with an export focus highly value the language and cultural competencies of female prospects, making industrial clerks an occupation with promising prospects. Securing a future in this profession hinges on successfully completing your training with commendable results.

Rank 7: Hairdresser

Each year, more than 6,500 young women embark on the journey of becoming hairdressers in a traditional trade. This profession is deemed promising, given the perpetual demand for hair services. With over 80,000 hairdressing companies in Germany, practitioners typically attend to around seven clients daily, earning approximately 500 euros per hairdresser. It's worth mentioning that apprentice wages are notably lower than those in alternative vocations, and subsequent earnings may also be comparatively modest.

Rank 8: Hotel specialist

More than 5,000 young women start an apprenticeship as a hotel manageress every year in Germany. Hotel specialists look after and advise hotel guests at the reception desk, for example, and ensure their well-being. In most cases, however, hotel specialists also help in other departments of a hotel. For example, they check the quality of the guest rooms, serve in the restaurant and work in the kitchen. In addition, they plan the work processes in the hotel.

This training is particularly interesting for foreign applicants because you can use your foreign language and cultural skills. There are also good opportunities because there are often only a few female applicants for the vacant apprenticeship positions.

Rank 9: Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are predominantly engaged in the public sector, specifically within the public administration of federal, state, and local governments. What sets them apart is the considerable job security, coupled with family-friendly working hours and social benefits.

Annually, nearly 5,000 young women embark on an apprenticeship as administrative assistants. With a significant number of employees expected to retire from civil service in the coming years, numerous positions will need to be filled. Consequently, this apprenticeship appears to be a highly promising opportunity in Germany, especially for foreign women.

Rank 10: Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade

Ranked at 10 on our compilation of the top apprenticeships for women is the role of commercial assistant in wholesale and foreign trade. Additionally, nearly 5,000 young women opt for this apprenticeship annually. The responsibilities in this profession encompass organizing warehouse operations, establishing and overseeing logistics chains, inspecting goods and inventory levels, and strategizing warehouse and logistics processes. Pursuing training in this field in Germany continues to be a highly promising option for foreign women.

Management assistant

Top 10 best apprenticeships for women from abroad: ranks 11 to 20

The following vocational training programs, ranked from 11 to 20, are among the top 10 best apprenticeships for women in Germany:

11. Bank clerk (approximately 4,500 new female trainees annually)

12. Tax clerk (approximately 4,500 new female trainees annually)

13. Specialized saleswoman in the food trade (approximately 4,000 new female trainees annually)

14. Legal assistant (approximately 2,500 new female trainees annually)

15. Veterinary assistant (approximately 2,500 new female trainees annually)

16. Insurance and finance clerk (approximately 2,000 new female trainees annually)

17. Freight forwarding and logistics services clerk (approximately 2,000 new female trainees annually)

18. Optician (approximately 2,000 new female trainees annually)

19. Automotive saleswoman (approximately 2,000 new female trainees annually)

20. Social insurance clerk (approximately 2,000 new female trainees annually)

In conclusion, Germany offers a diverse array of promising apprenticeships for women, providing opportunities for skill development and professional growth. The top 10 apprenticeships highlighted showcase a broad spectrum of fields, ranging from finance and law to healthcare and trade. These programs not only address the demands of the job market but also contribute to fostering gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated sectors. As women from abroad consider these apprenticeships, they can find pathways to rewarding careers, contributing to the dynamic and inclusive workforce of Germany. Ultimately, the emphasis on training and specialization within these apprenticeships reflects Germany's commitment to equipping women with the skills needed for success in various industries.

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